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American Docks has successfully established its presence at Lake Anna through a strategic partnership with Fredericksburg Deck Builders.

Our story originates seven years ago during my tenure with Evergreene Homes, building homes in Sunset Cove where we constructed homes and collaborated with the developer to build waterfront docks and common area structures.

As our projects expanded across various neighborhoods and counties, the challenge arose to synchronize dock construction with home completion. Attempts to collaborate with other dock builders were hindered by tight deadlines and the impracticality of incorporating dock costs into home loans.

In response to these challenges, four years ago, we initiated the purchase of a barge, laying the foundation for a company tailored to work seamlessly with homebuilders, facilitate bank loans, and prioritize client satisfaction. Through three intensive years of learning the intricacies of permitting and construction processes, we are delighted to announce that American Docks is now operational with all essential components in place.

The pivotal turning point in this journey occurred when we connected with the owner of Fredericksburg Deck Builders, a gentleman renowned for his customer-focused approach and extensive experience in building homes, decks, and premier docks at Lake Anna for million-dollar homes. Fredericksburg Deck Builder’s established system aligns with the expectations of banks and customers alike.

At Lake Anna, our partnership with Fredericksburg Decks enables American Docks to provide comprehensive solutions, including docks, hardscapes, and shoreline enhancements.

Whether you are purchasing an existing home requiring a new dock or building a new home, American Docks and Fredericksburg Deck Builders are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

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